Meet Our Team

Dr. Sadaf Sianati

Dentist & Owner

Meet Dr. Sianati, a true gem in the world of cosmetic and advanced general dentistry. Her warm heart and genuine passion shine through as she creates smiles that light up rooms. Recognized in our community for her touch of magic with patients of all ages, Dr. Sianati ensures that everyone, from toddlers to seniors, leaves her clinic with a smile that radiates confidence.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Sianati is just as heartwarming and genuine. As a loving mother to an amazing son, she values family time above all. She carries this sense of family into her practice, creating an environment where every patient feels welcomed, cared for, and right at home.

Dr. Alireza Hourfar


Dr. Hourfar has been practicing dentistry since 1997. He is a board-certified orthodontist with extensive clinical training in the field of his specialty including two residencies both in the US and abroad. He has had several years of experience as a private practice orthodontist and has successfully treated thousands of cases with a great variety in their nature and complexity. 

When Dr. Hourfar is not in the office, he loves to spend his time with his beautiful wife, and their three wonderful children. You will find Dr. Hourfar always smiling inside and outside of the office, as he truly loves both his profession and his family life.